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"The 'rise of the South': Global convergence at last?" - [New Political Economy 17/12/13]

this article offers a political economy review of the literatures and the empirical evidence concerning the ‘Rise of the South’. The study focuses on global convergence, economic decoupling between developing and advanced economies, and the economic strategies which may help catching-up.. [more]


"Warsaw and BRICS lessons in unsustainability" - [Pambazuca News 05/12/2013]

The PanAfrican Climate Justice Alliance called for the walk-out, and I hope if conditions don't improve between now and the next summit, in Peru a year from now, they take even stronger leadership to denounce the very presence of climate saboteurs from Washington and the other major polluting powers. [more]


"The rise of China: What to watch for" - [East-West Center 03/12/13]

China has been a great power before, but never in the age of modern nation states, never when the region was so crowded with other major powers, and never when a reigning superpower was already on the scene. [more]


"A reasonable supply" - [The Economist 30/11/13]

China’s policymakers fret a great deal about the supply side of their country’s economy. They worry about accommodating the flow of rural migrants to the cities, amassing the physical infrastructure appropriate to their ambitions, and upgrading the country’s technology. Such concerns fill their five-year plans.. [more]


"BRICS lessons in (un)sustainable urbanisation" - [Eye Witness News 28/11/13]

Durban’s Luthuli International Convention Centre (ICC) will ring with even more bad advice this week during the Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) ministerial conference entitled ‘Towards Sustainable Urbanisation’. [more]

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