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"China poised to pass US as world's leading economic power this year" - [Ft 30/04/14]

With the IMF expecting China’s economy to have grown 24 per cent between 2011 and 2014 while the US is expected to expand only 7.6 per cent, China is likely to overtake the US this year. [more]


Book review: "Rising Powers and the Future of Global Governance" - [International Affairs 90]

"This is an excellent volume, with many chapters written with passion and verve, offering a broad range of new insights into the complexities and nuances of the policies and practices of rising powers within global governance structures." [more]


"Engaging China on Human Rights" - [The Diplomat 22/04/14]

What will it take for the Chinese government to view human rights lawyers and defenders within China not as threats, but rather as well-intentioned citizens who want to help their nation? This question, posed by U.S. Congressman Robert Pittenger (R-NC), lay at the heart of a recent congressional hearing on human rights defenders in China. [more]


"How Obama lost friends and influence in the BRICS" - [Ft - 20/04/14]

This week Mr Obama will visit Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and Malaysia – the first three of which are treaty allies of the US. It is his first visit to Asia in two years. China is not on the itinerary. Meanwhile, the anti-US rhetoric coming from Beijing is the toughest in years. [more]


"China, Russia seek 'Enhanced mutual political support'" - [The Diplomat 16/04/14]

China-Russia relations are not simply mercenary tit-for-tat diplomatic transactions. Russia and China also share a philosophical distaste for Western doctrines that imply a ‘global policeman’ function. One such example is “responsibility to protect,” which calls on the world to interfere in specific countries to prevent a humanitarian crisis. [more]

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