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"China, Russia seek 'Enhanced mutual political support'" - [The Diplomat 16/04/14]

China-Russia relations are not simply mercenary tit-for-tat diplomatic transactions. Russia and China also share a philosophical distaste for Western doctrines that imply a ‘global policeman’ function. One such example is “responsibility to protect,” which calls on the world to interfere in specific countries to prevent a humanitarian crisis. [more]


"Which way forward for the BRICS in Africa, a year after the Durban Summit?" - [Pambazuca 09/04/14]

Everywhere else, the BRICS failed on nearly every count, and added to allegations of sub-imperialist or inter-imperialist positioning that belies anti-imperialist posturing. And as for brics-from-below popular solidarity and struggle, the logic is inescapable but nowhere near being realized. [more]


"BRICS corporate snapshots in Africa" - [Pambazuca 09/04/14]

BRICS countries represent sub-imperialists trying to improve their relative location in the world system, perhaps moving toward imperialist power and thereafter even to imperialist superpower status, as the USSR once enjoyed. [more]


"Why did BRICS back Russia on Crimea?" - [The Diplomat 31/03/14]

In some ways, the other BRICS countries’ support for Russia is entirely predictable. The group has always been somewhat constrained by the animosities that exist between certain members, as well as the general lack of shared purpose among such different and geographically dispersed nations. [more]


"Chinese engagement in Africa" - [NAI 17/03/14]

China’s increased presence in several African countries over the past twenty years has led to debates and discussions in the West. Sometimes even the word “colonisation” is mentioned. Researcher Daouda Cissé expresses his views and says it is 'ridiculous' how the West tend to critic China when its colonial presence was 'brutal, violent and barbarous." [more]

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